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"Heather, look what I found at Bakersfield"

Recently, I travelled to the US along with Greg & Peter Leahy & Jeff Carr and attended the 20th Annual Hot Rod reunion at Bakersfield California. Whilst in Bakersfield, We were fortunate enough to acquire "Time Traveler". This car is the ex Doug Rose, genuine 1970's Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car with a Vega body. Everything on this car, except for the Block and body, was all new in 2008. Due to some health problems, Doug reluctantly sold the car complete, including spares and accessories.

Initially, it will be licenced and tested at at Willowbank under the expert tuition of Ricky Steffens. With everything going to plan, completion of licensing for both Nathan & Zach will be done at Willowbank Raceway in 2012. Our plan is to race this car sparingly and continue running both the Penguin F.E.D and Lexus Piranha Hot Rod at the Rocket All Star rounds – Truely, a dream come true.





Time Traveler parts list

Parts on car:

  • One original 70's Vega funny car body completely restored
  • NOS F/C chassis complete as follows---Complete steering W/ Frt. Spindles W/ frt. brakes, 4130 rod ends, steering wheel W/ quick release hub, all control levers, linkages & pedals, pedal stops, frt. & rear engine plates, rear end mts., frt. Weight bar, oil filter mt., fire system mts. & plumbing, master cyld. Mount, wheelie bar & mt., coil mt., can bars & mt., all nuts bolts & fasteners.
  • CO2 bottle & regulator, & mount
  • Fresh air bottle, on off valve, hose, & mountings
  • Complete inner body tin, escape hatch, engine burst panel, Lexan windshield, chute pack mts. & release assy., fire windows.
  • Mark Williams modular alum. Rear end assy. w/3.90 Pro- gear
  • Steel bell housing SFI spec 6.2
  • Stroud Safety parachutes w/ air launchers & air activation system
  • CO2 bottle & regulator mt. for parachute activation
  • Butler built lateral head supports & mt.
  • System-One dry sump pump assy. & in-line filter
  • Custom headers w/thermo fittings
  • Strange Eng. Dual master Cyld. & RPV, Banjo fittings
  • Carbon Fiber Buck-It
  • Centerline wheels rear bead lock
  • Good Year slicks 34.5x17.0-16
  • Centerline wheels front
  • Good Year tire 24.0x5.0-15

Engine and Trans:

  • new Enderle alum. Nitro bird catcher polished
  • new littlefield blower polished
  • new BAE intake manifold one off
  • used BAE forged block
  • new Bryant crank shaft
  • new bullet cam
  • new Brooks rods
  • new Casale gear drive assy.
  • new Venolia pistons
  • new Allen Johnson cylinder heads one off
  • new lifters 1 1/16
  • new single plug stage V rocker covers
  • new titan spark plug tubes
  • new BAE rocker arm assy.
  • new Mallory spark plug wires with shielding
  • new Mini Bertha Waterman fuel pump
  • new Dan Olson oil pan
  • new Cirello Frankenstein II magneto
  • new Lenco 2 speed transmission with reverser
  • east west engineering 10 inch clutch
  • new racepak 100-kt-pro1A computer
  • new blower restraint Taylor
  • new trans blanket Taylor
  • new seat cover Taylor
  • new seat belts Taylor

Thanks to,
Doug Rose – Kustom Kurves collision Repair Lodi, CA.

Gallery "Heather, look what I found at Bakersfield"